Issue with Pearl2 and Birddog P200 via NDI


Hi EveryOne,

I’m facing some issue connecting a Birddog p200 camera to Pearl2 via NDI. I could get the video image from the NDI monitor. However, in the Pearl2, Im getting a error message “device not found” when I set up the NDI source.

Anyone got similar experience?




Are the camera and Pearl-2 on the same subnet or separate subnets? This could affect the discoverability of the camera. As well, you may need to make Pearl-2 the NTP server of the camera to increase compatibility


Hi Mrenaud,

Thanks for your input. the camera and the Pearl2 are on the same subnet. but the camera do not support an entry for NTP. could you advice if NTP is a must for the setup?




Not necessarily. It depends on the signal compatibility.

It’s possible it could be an NDI standard/version mismatch causing the issue. I’d recommend sending us an email at so that we can do more extensive troubleshooting


Got the same Problem with Sony SRG-X400 which is more or less a Birddog P400. Didn’t want to start NDI. In Studio monitor or converter it works perfectly.