Icons from Sony camera appear on stream?


I used my Webcaster x2 for the first time last night and love it. I am using a Sony FDR-AX33 camcorder to the Webcaster and feeding the webcaster to a Neewer F-100 7" screen. One thing I noticed is that I had an icon from my Sony that was transmitted to the stream but not to the Neewer Screen. it is the icon indicating Nightshot and only did it while nightshot was enabled. I recorded the event to the SD card as well and the icon did not appear in the recordings. It has to be the icon is being output to the Webcaster over the HDMI signal which I understand is no fault of the Webcaster but the signal from my camera. My hope is someone understands this better than I do so when I contact Sony for assistance I can explain it better to them. Perhaps someone already figured this out as well. If I need to live with it I will but it would be nice for the stream not to see it when streaming in IR.


You want to say “clean HDMI output” meaning that only the video/audio not any on screen display is showing.

I don’t even see that in the list of icons though: