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Ok, then i guess it is not possible to use the black magic to have 1080i in input and 1080p in output ? (i thought it would work as a scaler ?
What is the point then to go through the intensity Shuttle in my case ? What can i push through the HDMI OUT of the intensity ?

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The 1080i refers to the type of signal and the scaling refers to the actual
picture size for example 480 is smaller than 720 and 720 is smaller than
1080. You can use a scaler to go from one size to the next.I am not sure if
there is a scan converter that can convert the signal from Interlaced to


am also having the same problem of no feed, i have a signal of 1080p - 25fps coming from a black magic video switcher . tried adjusting the settings from HDMI mode in the webcaster but there is only 50 and 60 fps. how can i make the webcaster work without having to change the settings coming from my black magic to 1080p- 50 0r 60


Blackmagic will only output progressive signals if all video sources connected to the input of the Blackmagic device are also all set to progressive. If there are any interlaced video sources, even if the output is set to progressive it will output an interlaced signal.

You should certainly be able to use 60 and it still work with Webcaster X2.


thanks for your reply. i can confirm that the signal coming from the black magic is progressive. but the the problem i think i have is that i have two laptops conncted to the blackmagic switcher for projection, but when the black magic sends out signal on 1080p - 50 or 60 etc… the laptops doesnt project but when i brought down the signal sent out to 1080p - 25, then laptops works fine(i assume thats what the graphic cards supports). so the problem with the webcaster now is that there is no way to adjust the HDMI setting to 1080p -25. because there is only 1080p -50,60 on the settings, hence i guess thats why i have not been receiving signal on it.
is there a way to make the webcaster work without having to change the settings of the black magic.


unfortunately no there are no X2 settings that can be adjusted


I am facing a lot of hindrances regarding the signal issues for Blackmagic and Arlo.
I want to include I was not getting at all any image when I am adding the Intensity Shuttle as a shot in Wirecast 8.3, in Black Magic Media Express.For a couple of weeks I am facing the signal issues with both Arlo Ultra and Blackmagic.I have followed the suggestions as guided and also the manuals as directed by the arlo security camera review.Suggest us what to include into it.


Are you sending a progressive signal?


Black Magic devices output an interlaced signal by default. Webcaster X2 supports 720P and 1080P signal sources. You will need to ensure that your BM device is set to output either of those resolutions and that your connected sources are also progressive signals in order for the BM device to output a proper progressive signal