Feature requests Webcaster X2



RMH, This is not currently something we are considering with Webcaster X2.
If you are looking for an encoder that can be more flexible with inputs and outputs to a wider range of streaming platforms, keep an eye on our upcoming Pearl Mini…


I saw the announcement video, but suspect it’ll be outside our budget. But we do already own an X2!


there’s no reason to buy another streaming device for rmtp only and your current webcaster would reach a bigger public with something as easy as rtmp. Getting two or more cameras for switching and all the extra stuff that pearl mini can do would be a much bigger step. you’re not cannibalizing your webcaster with such features, just limiting your possibilities. For boring streaming i’ll rather use El Gato Cam Link, but that requires a computer just for streaming wich is much more expensive.


I used TC-Helicon Voice Live 3 and later Bose Tone Match ,both via USB and worked very well .In the other way We can connect Mono jack from Mixer(via Phone output) and feed in 1/8" input of Videocam(Sony HDR CX-900).I can run 2hrs.Live show without break.Thank X2.


using the space bar as a start, stop function is a real failure!
Repeatedly accidentally stopped the transmission by pressing the space bar. should be used for this purpose, or away from others and not used in normal writing, but some combination - eg shift + del or ctrl + spacebar.

In addition, I think that the inclusion of chroma is, of course, essential. If you want to use the recorded Wi-Fi there is no way to do it, moreover, then you could use the browser to make a quick and convenient correct description of the event on YouTube. We can also pair the device. in the end, the monitor must be connected almost all the time.

Case by the way last.
It should be possible to add graphics with a transparency layer. Then we can add a logo, information about the event, a board informing about the duration of the break, etc.
You could add such graphics to the SD card and choose them from the keyboard, for example using the function keys F1 to F10. 10 boards are enough for everyone. ew with the shift and ctrl keys - a total of 30. It’s enough for sure.
Files in the appropriate directory could have a numbering from 1 to 30, and for example a file with the number 0 is a logo displayed permanently.
That’s my little thoughts.

Because I do not count on the lower thirds …
They will want to sell PERL so the restrictions must be - right? :slight_smile:

Greatings for all WX2 users.

I’m from Poland and I buy this in USA at end of 2017.


Add some information/stats about the stream/network.
Sometimes we don’t know there is a problem with network, connection, CPU overload etc.


Today we released firmware 2.14 for Webcaster X2.

In this firmware update we added two new features to Webcaster X2, plus we continued making performance enhancements to improve your live streaming experience.

Here’s what we added this release:

Webcaster X2 now supports live streaming over captive networks, like the kind offered by many local cafes and hotels. All you need is the guest network’s credentials to login from Webcaster X2 and start streaming (as long as the network has enough constant bandwidth to support live streaming over it).
Easy pairing of Webcaster X2 to your Twitch channel page using your Twitch credentials directly from Webcaster X2.

Our aim is to make streaming easier using Webcaster X2. Because of that, in a future release we’ll be obsoleting the old method of pairing to a Twitch channel page by manually pasting the Twitch stream key on to the Webcaster X2’s pairing page using a web browser.


Thats awesome news George! Man I wish I could have been on the live stream to congratulate you guys. Stupid work…


Being able to stream to Facebook Events was one of the items that made my decision to purchase an X2 very easy. But I believe Facebook has changed how this happens and I cannot stream to Event pages now - this is a significant detraction and degradation of how I’d like to use this particular social network.

I don’t know what it would take for Epiphan to respond to Facebook’s changes, but will Epiphan be making any changes to the X2 that would allow us to stream to Event pages again?




We are working with Facebook on resolving this. Apologies for the temporary loss of functionality but as you know Facebook made many changes that impacted many partner developers.


Hey guys,

I appreciate Webcaster X2, thank you for all of your work on it. Could it be possible for the product, on a future update, to be able to create crossposting live video (between authorised pages)?


George–this is great news! I just updated firmware yesterday.
May I suggest this big news be available elsewhere on the Epiphan site and social media (not buried in a discussion thread)?
Thanks! Looking forward to using my SD slot in creative ways soon, too :wink:


Hi Andrei,

Facebook is rolling out some cross-posting features currently, I’ll try to update you once I’ve tested.


We have recently started using the Webcaster x2 to live stream our church services to Facebook, which is awesome! However, I would LOVE to find a way to integrate our ProPresenter program (what we use to show the graphics, scriptures, etc. on the screens in house) into your program so it looks more professional. (Like Joyce Meyer’s on TV😁).


I would like to reiterate, we would love a way to record live streams.
Some sort of overlay option would also be a great bonus!


Hey there, for a future update it would be great to have some kind of audio-peakmeter. When using an external audio-inteface I always have to check the live-stream to be sure audio is working correctly. Input-meters would be great to see directly, if audio works and how hot the input-signal is coming into the webcaster. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I agree! This is a much-needed feature! I’d love to see it in the next release.


Any kind of updates plan for the X2 in the coming future ?


I love using this keyboard


this device needs audio level indicators on the streaming screen.