Feature Request: Transitions & Keying on Pearl Mini




We’re currently using the Pearl Mini at our church for live streaming and love it! Such a great tool. However, we are a portable setup right now and are trying to reduce the amount of gear to set-up and tear down. Currently, to get fade/cross dissolve transitions between inputs and down-stream keying, we have to set up a Roland V-1SDI switcher plus monitors. This adds considerably to our setup/tear-down time. So, being able to do it all inside the Pearl Mini would be amazing and greatly increase portability and production quality!

I was wondering if there was a way to add fade/cross-dissolve transitions to the Pearl Mini via a software update?

Also, it would be amazing if we could do some sort of down-stream keying for overlaying lyrics over video.

Please consider adding these to the future updates for the Pearl Mini! I’m sure there are a lot more users who would be thrilled to have this!