Feature Request - Layout Transitions



I have to agree 100%. Also used in a church setting and while it works great, a nice fade would be appreciated.


I would also like to +1 having transitions. I was little surprised to find that such an expensive piece of hardware doesn’t have this feature.


Simply put, transitions for a lot of people would mean that they don’t have to use another piece of equipment. This should mean a lot for Epiphan as it means the Pearl2 is more of a boxed system that can do everything (as it is advertised). I’m a fan of the Pearl2 but for many customers, ‘production switching’ or transitions is imperative and honestly an expected feature.

Thanks for making awesome gear! Please update the Pearl2 to allow for production switching!


I don’t know. I have to think that a majority of users would love to have a simple dissolve.


Here to research the capabilities of the Pearl 2 for a church that I am looking to work with in the near future that already has one in their setup. Very disappointed to find that it has no simple transition capabilities and will likely be pushing them away from these products in the future if that isn’t rectified. Otherwise, it seems to be a pretty powerful piece of hardware but with be eagerly awaiting an update that can add some sort of dissolve or fade.