Feature Request: Epiphan App for controlling video slow



I have 3 pearl units, I use them all at the same time to record different rooms at conferences. I like the idea of the mobile app. I like how it auto discovers all my pearl units and logs me in to them, however, switching between pearl units is super slow, as it has to create a new session. Before I discovered the app, I was using three tabs in my browser. Doing it in the browser allows me to have sessions open to each device and switch back and forth very quickly. The app should be this quick.


The app itself only does discovery, which is all it is intended for, when you open the control it is launching a browser in the background, it is not part if the native app.
The 3 tab method is likely the best solution for multiple systems.


I had a feeling that is what it was doing. Thanks for the info. I will continue to use the mutli-tab workaround, and perhaps a full featured mobile app will make your road map someday.