Epiphan Pearl ( mini ) support for Opencast



Are there any plans for supporting opencast with the Pearl ( mini ) devices, or a timeline when this would be possible. This functionality has been hinted at a couple of times but I don’t see any progress on this.


Kristof Keppens


It is something we are still considering, but there has not been much progress at this point.
We have tried to weigh that market for this, if you have feedback in that regard, please send us an email we can share with the Product Manager.


Hi George, I’d like to refer to an existing post Pearl and LMS integration .
Can you confirm if this is actually on the roadmap or more a consideration instead?


It is not on the short term roadmap. Our team looked at the market and evaluated what should be a priority. If they are missing information from yourself and @Kristof_Keppens that could change the weight of this as a feature, please share that with us in an email that I can pass along to the team.


is there any progress on considering Opencast integration into Pearl2?
We are considering buying 20+ devices to equip some of our lecture rooms with automated lecture recording and streaming. As we are using Opencast and not Panopto, we would like to prefer a solution which has Opencast support built in.

With 4K and NDI support, an Epiphan Pearl2 would be the go for solution for many institutions using Opencast.

Best regards


Hello Sven,

Unfortunately as George mentioned in the previous response from Apr 22, Opencast is not on the short term roadmap. Our development team is certainly aware of the desired feature and has been evaluating the market to determine what should be prioritized for feature development.