Epiphan capture tool shuts down when selecting codec


I recently upgraded my epiphan capture tool software to the newest version (64bit) from the epiphan website. However, a problem occurs when I try to select a codec (Tools -> Options -> Recording -> Select Codec). After selecting a compressor in the dropdown menu, and then pressing “OK”, epiphan shuts down. By opening the application log in Event Viewer, I can see that there is an event “Application Error” for the application v2ugui2.exe (version in the module ff_vfw.dll (version Is there a remedy for this?


It could be a number of different factors that could be affecting the application behavior, from the selected codec itself, system settings, to resource(s) conflict. I’d recommend sending us an email to info@epiphan.com so that we can start the larger troubleshooting process. In your email, please include the serial number of your device as well as the driver version you are using, operating system information and codec you are attempting to use