DVI2USB 3.0 on linux: v2u returns with "no frame grabbers found"



I have just installed DVI2USB 3.0 driver on Ubuntu 16.04.

lsusb shows the device string
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 5555:3501 Epiphan Systems Inc.
thus, the driver seems to be installed successfully.

However, when I tried to run v2u program of epiphan-sdk sample,
it returns with
v2u: no frame grabbers found

My PC is dell Alienware note PC. The ubuntu is installed on UEFI, but the secure boot is disabled.

On the same pc, windows10 can be boot from the UEFI. From the windows 10, epiphan capture software works as expected.

Any way I can track down the problem?


I have solved the problem just after creating this topic. All I need to do was execute v2u with sudo command.


hi. I have the same issue with my dell Alienware, what is v2u program?