Creating a channel with input from FaceBook Live


Is it possible to create a channel on the Pearl Mini with an input source of FaceBook live from an external camera and then stream that feed using a layout on the Mini with an input source of the created channel over static FaceBook and YouTube live channels?


Unfortunately I’m not certain I understand the question. Can you please rephrase?

Are you trying to capture a camera source from a different location/network into Pearl Mini, and use that as a source in an existing channel for layout switching?

I’m certainly happy to help, but unfortunately will need you to clarify



Yes, you are correct. We have two mounted cameras in fixed locations. We currently have a Facebook channel and a Youtube channel which is simply mirroring the Facebook channel for live streaming purposes. Recently, we had an event occurring outside and wanted to stream it live to Facebook. We had no direct options to get content to the Mini, so someone thought we could use an iPhone streaming live to someone’s Facebook page and then use the URL and streaming key from that person’s page to a channel created on the Mini. Then we could create a layout on our Facebook channel on the mini with the video source as the 3rd channel streaming from the external iPhone content.


The best solution would be to have the camera connected to a network encoder that could send SRT feed to Pearl Mini as a video source.

The only possible method at the moment with your current desired setup would be capturing the output of a computer watching the livestream as a physical source into Mini and then streaming that content accordingly. The issue with this is you add multiple possible points of failure in the mix as well as considerable latency.

Having a video source which can send an SRT stream directly to Pearl Mini would reduce latency issues, be more stable and direct. You could use something like Pearl Nano as a contribution encoder which could send the SRT stream out to Pearl Mini as a the centralized production solution