Cpu load epiphan pearl mini




Hi all,
I am wondering what my pearl mini is doing…
i have a very simple setup:
1 x sdi in
1x hdmi in
15 layouts ( due 10 titles)

Stream youtube
Layer Recording
Hdmi output with program (same as stream)

And the process goes wild… 79% (Red)

Is this normal? this is (almost more than) max?


How many Channels do you have setup? If multiple, how many are you actually using?


Hi, Only One channel.


I also disabled the preview on the screen… i was afraid this wil consume too much cpu…


Can you save a configuration preset and download permanent logs and email us at info@epiphan.com

Please include the brief description, the current firmware version installed on your unit, and screenshot of the CPU load for your unit so that we can investigate further!