Couple questions regarding Pearl Mini



So at the moment, we need to record and store the training sessions for audit/review purposes. The floor contains 25 training rooms with the exact same setup. Each room is equipped with 1 IP PTZ camera to capture the video of the training session. As for audio, the integrated microphone installed on the IP camera will capture it. In this case, the audio source contains the sound emerged from the training activities inside the room, as also from 1 speaker connected to the microphone of the examiner sitting in the main control room. So all of this is connected to the NVR and basically that’s it.

However, since we are facing audio issues in the recorder, we decide to upgrade the system. So at the moment, I kinda draft out this diagram for a new system. It will have 1 IP PTZ camera, 1 beamforming microphone and 1 active speaker located in the training room; as also 1 main display for monitoring, 1 microphone and 1 active speaker in the control room.

  1. use SRT/RTSP protocol to capture the video input source from the IP PTZ camera. As for the audio, the pearl mini will capture the audio source from the microphone located inside the training room. So basically, we will have roughly 25 Pearl Mini in our system, With this option, I wonder whether taking 2 audio sources would be better, one from the microphone located in the training room and one from the microphone of the examiner? Or we can just capture the audio as a whole from the DSP? The most important question for this case is whether I can disable the audio of the SRT input source and use the connected audio input?

Lastly, the video and audio of the training session will need to be shown in the control room. For this part, we will just use the Crestron Decoder DM-NVX-D30 to decode the AV signal and transfer it to the main display in the control room. For controlling PTZ camera, I think that the Q-SYS Core110f will have the option allowing us to to control these camera. Otherwise, we will just stick to the manufacturer platform.

So bottonl line is I want to first see whether these 2 draft is feasible and match the business requirement. If so, which one would provide the better quality (in terms of user friendly and the latency). Budget would be the last thing I want to consider.

There is a system diagram for illustration purpose. It does not match both the 2 draft I above.

I know this is a wall of text. But I don’t have a lot of knowledge in setting up AV product