Connecting to the internet


I need some advice for a dependable Ethernet hotspot to connect my Pearl Mini to


We typically carry a few of the Nighthawk M1 mobile routers with us to trade shows and remote productions as it allows for a SIM card and has an Ethernet port - perfect for connecting Pearl!


I need to use my Pearl Mini in meeting rooms at a hotel where there are no ethernet cable connections. The hotel does however have high speed internet. Can the Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router connect wireless to the hotel wifi… in addition to connecting to the internet via the SIM card? Thanks Wayne


Unfortunately no. This device is used in lieu of an established network. This is not a cellular or network-bonding device. The M1 provides any device connected with a network through use of a SIM card. The device itself does have Wifi capabilities so you could certainly connect your laptop to the M1 using WIFI and access the Web UI of the Pearl Mini connected via Ethernet.

Hotel Wifi publicly accessible. It does not tend to be fast or particularly stable. As many hundreds of people can access that wifi there is no guaranteed bandwidth or overhead. It’s also possible that the network security of the network could throttle or prevent you from streaming (if that is your goal)