Config prog show wrong input signal


I stream on Twitch
I just purchased an 4k card
Streaming computer has an nVidia RTX2070, which is set to 2560x1440
The Epiphan Capture Config is showing :

Input signal: HDMI 2560x1080p@60.00, RGB

Capture computer is running OBS

The good news is that it is working, the bad news is that I’m a bit concerned about what it’s showing. I may eventually go up to 3440x1440, which is why I purchased this in the first place


The source computer which has the RTX2070, is this resolution set in Windows or is it set in the Nvidia control panel? If this is just set in Windows can you double check what the setting is in the Nvidia control panel to be sure that the drivers aren’t overriding the setting from Windows?


Actually both are set that way. I won’t remember why (this is a
new monitor), I think I had to set it in the nVidia panel before
Windows would see it.


Hmm ok, can you verify what firmware version is listed in the config tool? This would be listed in brackets beside the units serial number. If this isn’t the latest 4.0.0 firmware please download and apply the update. The update can be found on the page you downloaded the config tool: on the Software tab.


It is 4.0, I updated it this morning right after it arrived