AV.io HD not recognised as a secondary display on Windows 7



I have connected my new AV.io device on the secondary video output of four different pc and the two oldest ones don’t recognised it : when I go to the display settings, Windows 7 has found another display but it’s marked as “other display not detected” and it’s not usable.

It occurs on two 8 years Windows 7 laptops :

  1. hp probook 4330s - VGA output (connected with a VGA to DVI cable + DVI to DVI cable)
  2. hp probook 6450b - display port output (connected with a display port to DVI cable + DVI to DVI cable).

-> Do you think such configurations are obsolete or is there something to try ?

For your information, everything is ok on the more recent ones :
3. asus laptop e406m (1 year) - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - HDMI output
4. dell workstation t5810 (2 years) - Windows 10 - DVI output.

Thanks for your help.