AV.IO HD bandwidth


Does anyone know the approximate bandwidth required by a 1080p signal at 30pfs (presumably 60pfs is x2)? I was assuming given the minimum spec for AV.IO HD is a usb 3 port (max 5Gb/s), that the bandwidth would be no greater than 5Gb/s. I ask because I need to take in 2 AV.IO feeds into 2 usb-c ports using the same usb-c (thunderbolt) bus on my Macbook Pro. Given a single usb-c bus runs at 40Gb/s, I was assuming this should be ok and could even push further feeds down this bus if I had one of the very new true usb-c hubs.


There shouldn’t be any issue with the USB-C hub, however you should consider having about 12Gb/s of USB bandwidth in reserve for two devices with a USB 3.0 adapter. We do have other customers utilizing USB C with multiple USB capture cards, but AVio is designed to utilize 100% of the USB 3.0 bandwidth on a single buss