Audio mismatch issues


I’m having trouble with the audio skipping on my facebook stream. I always have this message on my epiphan screen: “Actual audio sample rate 44713.20Hz mismatched with expected (44100Hz or 48000Hz). Check your HDMI IN audio settings” Where are these HDMI IN audio settings? Is this mismatch the reason I’m having a skip/stutter on my streams? Does the audio have to be EXACTLY 44100 or 48000Hz? I’m using an Ocean Matrix Video to HDMI Pro Mini Converter/Scaler OMX-CV-HDMI to combine video and audio to send via HDMI to the webcaster.


This is just a warning message and can generally be ignored without any issue. This is simply reporting that the incoming audio sample rate differs from our expected rate. For example we would be expecting 44100 Hz but in this case are receiving 44713Hz.

Stutter in streams is more likely due to a bandwidth issue. I would recommend running a speedtest: and then making sure the bitrate setting on the Webcaster is no more than 50% to 70% of this available upload speed. For example for a 2048Kbps bitrate you would be advised to have at least a 3Mbps upload speed with 4Mbps or greater being ideal. Also worth noting is that other users could affect the available upload speed, it is best to limit other activities on your internet connection during a stream to avoid this.


Thanks for the reply. That’s good to know. If it really isn’t a problem, I just wish it wouldn’t even tell me about the mismatch. We are using this in a church setting and having an error message pop up will just cause unnecessary concern on my team. Also, since the display on the X2 says “Invalid Samplerate,” it doesn’t show the stream time.
Not a big deal- I’ll just have to make sure everyone knows.

This Webcaster X2 really is a great device. Thanks to Epiphan for making such a great product!


I agree, I will pass the feedback on! Let me know if anything else comes up that I might be able to assist with!


We just connected a USB Audio feed from our Mackie ProFx16v2 sound board and we are getting a similar message “actual audio sample rate 43933.99 hz mismatched with expected 44100 hz or 48000 hz. Check your HDMI In audio settings” Looking at the specs that Mackie published regarding the USB I/O they read: A/D/A 16bit, 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz. 2 questions… Is the on screen message from the Webcaster X2 missing a “k” in the freq or is the webcaster really only receiving 43934 hertz? Secondly- if the Mackie board is truly sending 44.1 kHz/ 48 kHz what is happening to the freq between the boards output and the webcaster input? Thx



k just means kilo or a thousand here, so 44.1 kHz is the same as 44100 Hz. The difference here of what we are detecting is very slight, and this is just an error message. In almost all cases this can be ignored.