Audio control of each individual input (mainly SDI/HDMI)




is there any future update on adding audio control of each separate input? It would be great to have that feature to control the audio separately of each individual input (SDI, HDMI mainly). I love the feature of changing the latency maybe it would be also easy to add some kind of gain/volume control as well?

Thank you for the feedback!


Hello, currently we only have adjustments of gain/volume for the analog inputs as this would be required here. For SDI and HDMI as these are purely digital inputs it is just assumed that the audio level is already correct. This is something being considered as a possibility for a future firmware update, and I will mention you asking for this also. If you need to adjust the SDI or HDMI audio levels this would currently need to be done on the source equipment.


Hi, thank you for your response. Is there any roadmap or dates for the future firmware update in regards to adding the volume control to all of the inputs?


Sorry, I mentioned that this is being considered as a possibility for a future firmware update, but it is not something that I can promise will be added and I cannot provide any information about when that might be added if it does indeed get selected to be implemented.


No problem. I totally agree. Is there any process from the user perspective to make it made as a top priority or how does the process look like?


At this time there isn’t any system for a user to directly ask for a feature. For the time being we have all that we can do to make it known, it is just a matter of waiting and seeing now.

I would recommend registering your unit and opting in for firmware update notifications. This way you can stay up to date on the latest features available as new firmware versions are released. You can register here: