Ancho de banda insuficiente



estoy queriendo transmitir en vivo a 720p - 4 mbps y me muestra un mensaje de que el ancho de banda es insuficiente.
hago una prueba de velocidad y tengo 15mbps de subida.
tengo un router LTE conectado al webcaster x2 por cable.
estoy haciendo algo mal?


Hello, unfortunately I only know English, but google translated this as:

I am wanting to broadcast live at 720p - 4 mbps and it shows me a message that the bandwidth is insufficient.
I do a speed test and I have 15mbps of upload.
I have an LTE router connected to the webcaster x2 by cable.

It may be that the speedtest showed a peak or burst speed but unfortunately LTE speeds can vary greatly. The message about insufficient bandwidth is always about moving data from the Webcaster to the server, so it could also be a wifi/ethernet issue in theory, but is almost always internet connection related. I would have to recommend setting a lower bitrate here as the solution.


I get it! I’m going to try it …
what is the difference between
Responsive Bitrate Set:
and the
Auto (default)


As far as I know there is no difference between On and Auto.