All Facebook Pages & Groups Missing



All of my Facebook Pages are unavailable as live stream destinations. The only option is my Timeline.

I’ve followed the unpairing/deletion of Business Integrations here:

I paired the device again, went through the selection of which pages it has access to, made all my posts Public, but still the only streaming destination is my Timeline.

Start Streaming Immediately After Pairing is off. The firmware is updated.

I’ve even reset it to Factory Settings and tried again - nothing works.


hello, has anyone managed to solve the problem?


It seems Facebook has made a change in their API this morning without warning which is causing this issue. The development team is investigating this as a high priority. As soon as I hear back regarding this I will let you know!

If you have a YouTube account you could consider streaming here and posting it to the Facebook Page as a workaround to consider for the moment.


Just wanted to update you on the status of the Webcaster X2 facebook bug. The developers are hard at work here and have pushed out an update that fixes support for Groups here. But unfortunately they are still working on fixing Pages. At the moment there isn’t an ETA for this as it will likely involve fixes on Facebook’s end.

I will update you when I hear more regarding this. Sorry for the inconvenience here!


After installing the update that was available this morning, all pages are working again!


The most recent update did add a workaround to resolve this. Then Facebook themselves also fixed the initial issue. So this should be resolved for everyone now, even if they don’t update.