Add Music to video



Hi i am looking to buy the webcaster - X2 and want to make some live streaming without my computer.

eksampel a video of me paint or something :slight_smile:

Then it would be nice to add some music to the live streaming is that posible?



If you have the music as part of the incoming HDMI signal then it will be included on the outgoing stream. Though you should be careful here, as an automated copyright detection on YouTube or Facebook would stop the stream. Best to use original/free music or such to try and avoid such an issue!


YouTube provides free (legal) music:

Also, good paid sources include AudioJungle and SmartSound


It is easy to add music to a video with a video editing tool. But it is difficult to find some appropriate tracks. If you are a subscriber to Apple Music, you would find you cannot add Apple Music to video due to the protection. Not matter. With an Apple Music Converter, it could become even easier. It enables you to convert Apple Music to MP3 for adding to videos without a limit.