Live stream your service from home or church

Epiphan Church Streaming Solution – The simplest way to start streaming

Single-box streaming kit

Single-box streaming solution

Looking to set up high-quality worship live streaming from your home? We have everything you need to get streaming quickly.

Engage your parishioners

Keep your parishioners engaged with your church

Easily stream everything from sermons to scripture studies and church meetings from your home or church.

Stream anywhere

Reach your congregation where they are

Go live to a destination of your choice: YouTube, Facebook Live,, or Twitch.

Everything you need – delivered to you!

Church live streaming set-up

You’ll get all the necessary preconfigured gear in a single bundle: PTZ camera, tripod, over-ear microphone, Pearl Mini live streaming device, and all required cables.

The easiest way to stream church services

The easiest way to stream church services

Great experience for your viewers

Communicate with your congregation live.

Professional video & audio quality

With our streaming solution you will be able to achieve a much more polished look and feel.

Fast setup

All equipment comes pre-configured in a box. All you have to do is connect the gear and you are ready to go.

$600 / month 

This cost-effective solution does not require a significant upfront investment.

* The subscription package requires an upfront payment for the first three months, with month-to-month billing thereafter. The solution could also be purchased for a one-time $5000 fee.

How does it work?

1. Your Epiphan Church Streaming Solution is delivered to your address. All equipment comes fully pre-configured and ready to use.

2. You set up the equipment and run a few tests. Detailed instructions will be included in the box.

3. Press a button on the streaming device and you are live to your congregation!

What’s included


Professional camera and tripod

A professional PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera has a wide range of motion and can be controlled with a remote

Over-ear microphone

Slim design delivers great sound with minimal distraction

Pearl Mini live streaming device

Just connect your camera and push a button to start the stream.

All required cables

All necessary connectors are included as well.

What's included


The following services are included with the $600 subscription package. Services are $60/mo if the solution is purchased for a one-time $5000 fee.

Dedicated priority support line (9am-8pm EST)

If you have any questions — we are happy to help.

Dedicated customer success representative

Your customer success representative is there to make sure your needs are met.

Individual training sessions

We’ll make sure you know the ins and outs of the solution and feel confident your live stream is running smoothly.

Remote configuration and setup assistance

A live streaming specialist will help you set up your equipment correctly and configure settings.

Access to AV Studio cloud video production tool

An easy-to-use monitoring and live production tool for local and remote production. Includes 24/7 device health and signal status monitoring.

Advance RMA replacement

In the unlikely case of equipment issues, we’ll make sure you receive a replacement quickly.


Which platforms can I stream to?

You can stream your church services to Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch, or (choose one).

Are there any additional requirements I have to meet?

You will need a stable home internet connection, with a minimum of 5 Mbps upload speed. You can test your internet speed here.

Can’t I just use my phone to stream my sermons?

Streaming using your phone cannot deliver the same quality of video, audio, and overall experience as professional gear can. Our solution offers a much better overall experience to you and your end customer.

How to stream a church service from home?

When in-person worship gatherings aren’t possible, you can continue reaching your congregation by streaming your church services from home. Epiphan’s Church Streaming Kit has all the gear you need to get started. All you need to do is connect them.

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