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How to Apply VGA Broadcaster in Online Collaboration

Using Epiphan solutions, you can collaborate with colleagues or partners in remote locations as if you were located in the same room.

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VGA Broadcaster

Epiphan’s VGA Broadcaster web presentation solution lets you:

Share whiteboard sketches, presentations and images via the web.

Plug-in and present – no special software is required.

Broadcast web presentations to up to 100 participants.

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Corporate: Long-distance Project Collaboration

Situation: Multi-location corporations have different experts in different parts of the world. These experts are needed to solve a problem but are unable to travel.

Solution: Using Epiphan's VGA Broadcaster, each expert can take part in the review of documents, spreadsheets and other media, and provide immediate and effective feedback.


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Medical: Diagnosis Collaboration

Situation: Physician A is presented with a difficult set of illness indicators in a patient. He or she realizes that a colleague, Physician B, has the expertise to interpret the indicators but the colleague is in a different location within the same facility or at another facility across the country or elsewhere in the world

Solution: Physician A, using Epiphan Systems solutions, can send electronic patient charts, medical history along with X-rays, CAT scan, and/or MRI images to Physician B. They can then consult on-line, in real-time, using Epiphan Systems collaboration technology.

Forensic: Live/Collaborative Court Proceedings

Situation: Live court proceedings are to be archived for later review and/or to be made available on the web. Certain experts are not available on location for court proceedings but are available over the internet.

Solution: Using Epiphan's VGA Broadcaster, the experts can also interact with the proceedings from their remote location.

Military: Command & Control

share presentationsSituation: On the battlefield, and in war-rooms across the globe, military brass are constantly planning and strategizing military engagements. This requires constant communication between military headquarters, and the men and women on the battlefield. Mission success often depends on high quality information and collaboration between key decision makers.

Solution: Using Epiphan Systems IP based visual communications hardware, decision makers from one end of the chain of command to the other can easily come together in a virtual "war room", no matter where they happen to be. Epiphan Systems VGA Broadcaster lets disparate divisions host virtual military planning sessions, pulling in visual data from existing military infrastructure.

Scientific: Distance Collaboration on complex problems

Situation: Two separate engineering teams located in different continents, working on the same large-scale project, are constantly sending complex plans and mathematical projects to each other for collaboration and feedback, via email, and standard post. The lack of synchronous communication while looking at the same document, or mathematical problem, makes for an in-efficient problem solving environment. The more traditional solution to this obvious problem is to bring the teams together in front of the same whiteboard. This "solution" isn't always the most practical, or affordable, when you have people working together from all over the world.

Solution: Using Epiphan's VGA Broadcaster, science and engineering teams now have the ability to see details of specific calculations, to sketch and discuss formulas, algorithms and approximations - work that is essential to this line of work. VGA Broadcaster bridges the physical gap between cross-functional teams, bringing everyone together in a media rich, interactive environment, that is absolutely conducive to complex problem solving.