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Radar Recording

You can capture, monitor and record radar activity from any radar screen or VGA/DVI monitor using Epiphan solutions. No special software is required, and the captured image quality is 1:1.

As external standalone devices, Epiphan products are easy to use and offer superior image quality to VCR-based solutions. Click on a product above to learn more and to purchase.


Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber solution lets you:

View captured data in real time.

Setup a periodic "save" command to automatically capture images at specific intervals.

Save captured images to disk.

Copy captured images to clipboard.

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VGA Recorder
VGA Recorder

With Epiphan's VGA Recorder you can:

Continuously record radar signals to a single .avi file.

Capture real time radar data without losing native image quality.

Synchronously combine and record radar signals and associated audio data.

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Military: Surveillance

radar recording

Epiphan's solutions
for Radar Acquisition

St. Petersburg Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Situation: Military operations are active 365 days a year and so too are the support systems needed to provide timely information to run an efficient and informed military. Radar, GPS tracking, Mobility, Command Systems, and Target Acquisition and Identification systems are all constantly bringing real-time information to their SysOps, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In times of conflict, and accident investigation, data from these systems becomes invaluable when trying to put together a complete history of events.

Solution: Epiphan Systems VGA Recorder provides a robust foundation for multiple-source recording, archiving, and retrieval of visual data captured during routine military operations, providing a complete 360 degree view of all activity for accurate analysis and investigation