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How to Install Multiple Frame Grabbers on One Computer

If you need to capture from multiple VGA or DVI sources to the same computer, the VGA2USB software supports that function for such frame grabbers as DVI2USB 3.0, DVI2PCIe, VGA2USB, and VGA2Ethernet. In our example we will install four frame grabbers: DVI2PCIe, VGA2USB and 2 DVI2USB 3.0 products.

This demonstration shows you how the Epiphan software can capture from multiple instances of frame grabbers. If you are using the Epiphan API, DirectShow, QuickTime or Video4Linux interfaces, this demonstration will help confirm that the frame grabbers are being recognized by your operating system and that your application can capture from multiple sources.

Step 1: Connect your devices to the sources and to the PC you would like to capture to and launch the Epiphan software application (VGA2USB).

You may be prompted to reinstall the hardware. If so, complete the Add New Hardware wizard.

Step 2: Select the device that you would like to record from.

Once you open the VGA2USB software, you should be prompted to select a frame grabber capture device to use. Select the first one.

capture multiple images

Keep the VGA2USB software opened in one window and open another instance of the software in another window. You will once again be prompted to select a frame grabber device. This time, select the second one in the list. Repeat this operation for other devices as well.

You should now see the output from all devices in four separate windows.

capture multiple VGA

Step 3: Capture output

You can now capture output from the devices as you normally would. Remember that you have four windows in which you must activate the recording and that the settings in one instance of the program have no effect on the settings in the other instances.

capture multiple VGA