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Tutorials. How to Broadcast VGA or DVI live using WireCast

The VGA2USB and DVI2USB line of frame grabbers from Epiphan Systems are supported with WDM drivers, meaning that various third party software can be used to capture output from the VGA2USB. This means that WireCast may be used in order to broadcast images captured by the VGA2USB.

Step 1: Launch software.

Connect VGA2USB and start WireCast software. You should be able to see the VGA2USB thumbnail at the bottom of the window.


Step 2: Launch “Broadcast Settings”

Click on Broadcast > Broadcast Settings or press “Ctrl + Y”.


Here you can select between the Windows Media and QuickTime encoders, destination of broadcast (network, hard drive, etc). WireCast has a built-in QuickTime server, and this is what will be used in this tutorial.

broadcast live

Step 3: Choose “Encoder Preset” and “Destination”

Because we will be broadcasting over the local area network using QuickTime, choose LAN – MPEG4 from the “Encoder Preset” menu. From the “Destination” menu choose “Built-in Streaming Server.” You may name your file any way you would like in the “File Location” box. The address below it is what is needed to be given to the users in order to be able to access the stream.


broadcast live

Step 4: Adjust codec/resolution

In order to manipulate the codec and resolution of your stream, click the “Edit…” button beside the Encoder Preset drop-down menu.

Here, you are able to change the video encoder, resolution, quality, as well as the data rate depending on your bandwidth availability. Under the Audio tab, the sounds can be enabled/disabled and quality can also be modified.

Click “Save” once you have chosen the appropriate settings. The “Encoder Presets” window will automatically close.

broadcast live

Step 5: Close the “Broadcast Settings” window by clicking on the “Save” button.

Step 6: Select VGA2USB

Select VGA2USB stream by clicking on “VGA2USB by Epiphan.” The captured output from the VGA2USB should appear in the “Live Broadcast Area”.

broadcast live

Step 7: Broadcast

You are now ready to broadcast. Select Broadcast > Start Broadcasting or press “Ctrl + B.” A small red icon with three small dots should appear on lower right side of the window to indicate that the image is being broadcasted.

broadcast live

In order to access your broadcast, users must enter the address that was supplied earlier in the “Broadcast Settings” menu (see Step 3) into their browser or media player.

While this guide covered the quickest way to broadcast with Wirecast, there are many possible configurations and setups that this program supports, including the support for announcing to external servers, support for multiple feeds, video effects, etc. In order to learn more about other ways that you can use VGA2USB/DVI2USB with Wirecast, please consult the Wirecast help from the Help > Wirecast Help or press “Ctrl + ?”