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How to Record and Stream Video

If you need to record some feed from a VGA, DVI, or HDMI source  try VGADVI Recorder. This article will explain how to record and stream video from the VGA/DVI/HDMI source using VGADVI Recorder. Video is saved in a single .avi file. Users are able to access VGADVI Recorder and the recorded files from the Internet through the easy-to-use Web application. You can use this  streaming video hardware, for example, to record meetings, webinars, screencasts, presentations.

Capture Hardware Required

You will need the following hardware before you start:

VGADVI Recorder

VGADVI Recorder is a solution that allows a user to capture and stream VGA, DVI, HDMI, and S-Video sources to its internal memory or an external network storage through the Internet/LAN connection .

PC for Capturing DVI Output

A PC is used to monitor and direct the recording process from streaming video hardware via Web interface.

VGA Source

A source of signal for DVI recording.

VGA to DVI Cable

A VGA to DVI cable connects a VGA output to VGA Recorder.

Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable connects VGADVI Recorder to an Ethernet network.

PC Connected to Ethernet

From PC you can direct and monitor the recording process.

Connect and Switch on Hardware

Connect all necessary hardware using cables from the package.

1. Use the VGA to DVI cable to connect VGA Recorder to the VGA source.

2. Use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable to connect VGA Recorder to the Ethernet.

3. Switch on VGA Recorder and start up the VGA source.

Installing and Using the Network Discovery Utility

This utility is necessary to find VGA Recorder and its IP address on the network.

1. Download Network Discovery Utility from the VGA Recorder download page to find the VGA Recorder device and its IP address on the network. It is also used to connect to the VGADVI Recorder Web admin interface.

record streaming video

2. Specify the destination folder and save the file.

record streaming video

3. Open the folder and run the NetworkDiscovery. exe file.

record streaming video

4. Click “Run” to continue. The Network Discovery Utility window displays.

record streaming video

5. Click “Search” to find the VGADVI Recorder device on your network. Its name and IP address can be seen in the ‘Name” and “Address” fields.

Connecting to the Web Admin Interface

1. Start web browser on your PC.

2. Browse to the IP address of the VGADVI Recorder.

record streaming video

3. Enter the user name. No password is required.

record streaming video

4. The system displays VGADVI Recorder application interface.

 VGA Recorder

Video Recording

1. Select the Recorder enabled checkbox in the Archive section of the interface to start recording of the streaming video.

2. To stop recording, clear this checkbox.

3. The recorded file is added to the file list. You can open, save in any location, delete or rename the file clicking correspondingly the icons near the file name.

record streaming video


The steps described above explain how to record feed from a streaming video solution using VGADVI Recorder by Epiphan Systems. It is suitable for any streaming video hardware with DVI/VGA ports.