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Tutorials. How to Install VGA2USB/DVI2USB Drivers on a Workstation Running Mac OS and View Grabbed Video

The VGA2USB and DVI2USB frame grabbers can be used with the working stations running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. This article explains how to install VGA2USB or DVI2USB drivers on a Macintosh computer and start grabbing images or video from VGA/DVI sources.


Download drivers from the Epiphan Systems website

  1. Click Support on Epiphan Systems top navigation bar, then pick your product from the drop down menu in the body of that page and press the "GO" button when ready.

    Click Support then select your product to download the latest drivers.
  2. After a very brief pause, a list of available downloads will show on the screen, then click "Software Downloads"

    Click on software downloads
  3. On the resulting page, you may have to scroll to find the Mac OS X drivers. Read the descriptions carefully as they are slightly different depending on your version of Mac OS X.  Click the link to save the file to your machine..

    Scroll to find the Mac OS X drivers for your version, and click to download the file(s)
  4. Once downloaded (most often the downloaded file is your "downloads" folder), click the installer icon to start the installation.

    Mac OS

  5. The installer guides you through all installation steps.

    VGA2USB driver

  6. Before performing step 5: Installation enter the root user’s credentials.

    images from VGA

  7. When the installation is completed, restart the system.

    images from VGA

Connect Equipment and Start Grabbing

  1. Connect the grabber to video source and the working station.

  2. Start the Epiphan’s application. The frame grabber is capturing video.

    Connect the grabber to video source