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Tutorials. How to Add Video From VGA Source to WebEx Sessions

WebEx is a web conferencing service that provides on-demand applications for collaborative business on the Web. These applications allow you to enhance high-touch business processes (e.g. sales and training) with Web-touch interactions. After logging onto the WebEx website you are able to use the software to conduct a variety of real-time web and phone based conferences with participants at multiple locations. Although WebEx supports videoconferencing using webcams you may need to share some videos from any VGA source with the participants. This instruction explains how to share video during the WebEx sessions using VGA2USB Pro.

Equipment Needed


VGA source

Laptop with network access

Step 1. Connections and setup

You need to connect VGA2USB Pro to a video source and a PC.

1. Connect VGA2USB Pro to a video source using a VGA-VGA cable shipped with the device.

2. Connect VGA2USB Pro to the laptop.

3. Go to and log into your account. In case you do not have one, sign up with either a 14-day free trial or the "Buy WebEx" option.

4. Start a meeting using the “One-Click Meeting” link.

Step 2. Sharing video during the meeting

1. Create a topic and password. Then invite participants on the meeting page.

2. Click the video icon near the host name to start video.

The video feed is showing on your desktop and you can share it with the participants during the WebEx session.


3. If you need to record your session, click on Meeting in the top navigation panel, then select Recorder settings > Record on server.

4. Choose Start recording from the Meeting drop-down menu.