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Web conferences: Going beyond sharing presentations and desktops

Share different displays and cameras as part of your video conferencing or web collaboration.

Online meeting services from companies like WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Skype and Google Hangouts can save you time, money and travel costs. Epiphan's products and solutions help you extend additional value from those online meeting services by allowing you to share more effectively with others in your meeting.

Chose Epiphan products and solutions when:

Simple and reliable solution

Reach beyond the constraints of the meeting room and make the most of your online meeting with three easy steps:

  1. Connect the device you want to share to an Epiphan video capture device.
  2. Connect the Epiphan video capture device to your computer or your network.
  3. Share the result with all meeting participants.

Our robust solutions range from small palm-sized video grabbers to rack-mounted server solutions. Our portable devices are silent and feature durable aluminum casing with no moving parts.

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Review the following how-to guides to see how easy it is to use Epiphan's products and solutions to maximize the value of your online meetings.

Skype Learn how to Share an Android Tablet during a Skype Video Call
Skype Make any HDMI Camera Look Like a USB Webcam to Skype
Cisco Share an iPad screen (or just about any device) during a Cisco WebEx Meeting
Youtube Learn how to stream video to YouTube Live Event with Epiphan Broadcasters and Recorders
YouTube Creating a Live Video Stream on YouTube Using Wirecast
YouTube Creating a Live Video Steam on YouTube Using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and a DVI2USB 3.0
YouTube Streaming Live on YouTube with DVI2PCIE
Wowza Learn how to stream video to Wowza Streaming Engine from Epiphan Broadcasters and Recorders
Microsoft Lync Make any HDMI Camera look like a Webcam in a Microsoft Lync Meeting
Adobe Connect Share Your iPad Screen during a Web Meeting using Adobe Connect
GoToMeeting Share an iPad Screen during a GoToMeeting Web Video Conferencing
Moodle Learn how to add a Live Video Stream to Moodle using YouTube Live Events
VGADVI Broadcaster Corporate Video Conferencing for Local and Remote Attendees
VGADVI Recorder Record Video Conferences without installing software
VGADVI Broadcaster Pro Streams Conference Presentations to Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Attendees
Lecture Recorder How to Capture Lectures, Broadcast and Upload Them to an External Server
How to Create a Medical Video Collaboration Call Center for Remote Guidance
VGADVI Broadcaster How to share a remote display with a control room display wall
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This case study is also available in the following languages:

Solution de visioconférence à cout réduit
Бюджетное оборудование для проведения видеоконференций
Solución rentable para conferencias de video

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