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Video Surveillance during Sporting Events

Reliable surveillance equipment is a very principal element of the total security efforts each organization or company puts forward to protect life and property. The ability to survey and detect an illegal activity before an intrusion or crime is committed, saves costs towards theft and large scale property damage. Surveillance cameras greatly contribute to security and protection of businesses. The options and range of available surveillance cameras has encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest researches in this area have elevated levels of security monitoring and management and helped thwart the activities of even the most experienced and sophisticated thieves and criminals.

video surveillance
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Epiphan’s network broadcasting and recording solutions comply with multiple types of surveillance systems and can be integrated with CCTV equipment. The VGA Grid fits different environmental settings and is successfully used in many challenging circumstances. This high-customized solution is delivered in various configurations according to the customer’s needs based on each unique situation.

Video surveillance plays a principal role in provision of safety and security during sporting events. The threat of criminal activity is very high and it is important that all facilities are properly monitored. The flow of people is constant increasing the risk of incidents. With the proper   surveillance the game can be enjoyed worry free. The VGA Grid provides credible surveillance capabilities giving event organizers and security officials a great means to monitor suspicious behaviour and deter crimes.

This appliance can capture video from both local and remote video sources (e.g. CCTV cameras) in a high resolution and broadcast it through the network. An administrator combines multiple input signals into configurable channels using the Web admin interface. This customized broadcast is then presented on a large display or video wall in a control room, recorded as one file or separate files – for each source.

Surveillance technology enables the security department to monitor and record footage from cameras from remote locations in a comfortable way. Due to VGA Grid’s capabilities this high-responsive appliance is a practical mechanism for successful achieving these goals. Easy-to-use interface and high degree of customization together with powerful video converting capabilities allow this solution to provide proper video surveillance. It helps to prevent major concerns related to security during sporting events.

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Видеонаблюдение во время спортивных событий

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