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VGA2USB Usage in Biometric Identification

capture analog video

Today financial losses increase dramatically from identity theft and computer hacking. Therefore specialists involved in e-security critically need to find secure, accurate, and cost-effective alternatives to PINs and passwords. Since individual's biometric data is unique and cannot be transferred, solutions based on this idea address fundamental problems. It is possible to identify a person based on a behavioral characteristic including iris recognition, finger images, and facial characteristics. Modern systems use hardware for capturing the biometric information and software for maintaining and managing the system. The practical applications for biometrics range from financial services to healthcare, government, public safety and justice. Iris can serve as a kind of living passport or password that one need not remember but can always present. This is why iris recognition is emerging as one of the principal methods of biometrics-based identification systems. As this method is based on capturing, digitizing and processing of iris patterns, frame grabbers are actively used in iris recognition equipment. VGA2USB™ from Epiphan Systems can be applied for digitizing video from analog cameras that acquire iris images.

Iris Recognition Systems

capture analog video

Iris recognition is considered to be the most accurate biometric technology. Scientists regard the iris pattern as providing even greater discrimination between people than fingerprints. No two irises are identical, not even between left and right eyes or identical twins. Iris recognition uses computer procedures - to ‘unwrap’ a digital image of a person’s iris and convert it into a unique ‘barcode’ that can be stored in a database. Iris recognition systems use a video camera that takes video of a person’s iris. Video is used rather than still photography as an extra security procedure. It confirms the normal continuous fluctuations of the pupil as the eye focuses. This ensures that the scan is of a living human being, and not some attempted hoax. A high resolution image of the iris is then captured or extracted from the video, using a frame grabber. Frame grabbers should provide high-quality images suitable for further processing. For example, VGA to USB from Epiphan captures images with resolution up to 2048x1536 providing maximum sample rate 230 Mpixels per second. The unique characteristics identified in this image are converted into a numeric code, which is stored as a template. Algorithms are used to analyze the image and determine the patterns of the iris. The system takes a digital image of a person who attempts to access this security system and compares it with the barcode stored in the database.

Security Systems Employing Frame Grabbers

capture analog video

Frame grabber is a principal element of the existing iris recognition systems. Frame grabbers capture analog video from cameras that acquire iris images. IrisGuard IG-H100 from Aditech is an iris recognition solution. This monocular iris camera uses specialized electronic and optical techniques for capturing images of a human iris. The pristine auto-focus/auto-zoom IG-H100 capture device is enabled by PrivateID recognition software. It is easy to install and uses a RS232/USB 2.0 communication based frame grabber to control the camera. LG's IrisAccess 3000 is a multi-component system including enrollment, remote and identification control units and a frame grabber. Enrollment optical unit contains all the elements necessary to initiate the enrollment process. Remote optical unit provides iris image acquisition. Frame grabber captures analog black and white iris images. It converts the analog iris image into the digitized format to process in the identification control unit.

Major Applications of Iris Recognition Systems

capture analog video

The iris recognition technology combines computer vision, pattern recognition, and optics. The major applications of this technology are: expediting security screening at airports; substituting for passports in automated border crossing; controlling access to restricted areas; database access and login; prisoner booking and release; "watch list" screening at border crossings. Airports in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and Germany use iris cameras for passenger screening and immigration control in lieu of passport presentation. Over a million of frequent travelers to UK participate in Iris Recognition Immigration System project that provides automated border-crossing. Iris recognition systems are more costly than other security systems using biometric methods. Depending on the system’s sophistication and requirements, a single stand-alone unit can run to ,000. Multi-component and fully networked system prices start at around ,000. However integrators can create a custom and cost-effective application for the buyer’s needs using cameras, enrollment unit, control panel and a frame grabber.

More Information on VGA2USB

VGA2USB is a compact pocket sized, external, low cost VGA to USB frame grabber capture device capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source—such as a Windows PC, a Macintosh OSX, a Unix machine, an em­bedded system, a medical device, scientific or lab equipment, and more.

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Uso de VGA2USB en identificación biométrica

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