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VGA2Ethernet - Presentation over Ethernet

broadcast over Ethernet

You are planning to present your ideas to an audience. If participants cannot attend your presentation for whatever reason, there is a way out. New technologies allow you to broadcast presentation over Ethernet to the audience all over the world. Besides you are able to take the presentation file and upload this content on your local intranet or onto the worldwide Internet. Solutions that enable users to broadcast presentation over Ethernet are efficient business, marketing and education tools.

Gate Elektronik Inc. provides services in the field of electronics using high technology systems and equipment. Its main activities are depot level maintenance of military/industrial systems, system integration and maintenance engineering, software development and electronic manufacturing.

Gate Elektronik Inc. performs business presentations for different purposes. Remote participants usually watch the presentations in an Internet browser. The presentations content can be broadcast over Ethernet with VGA2Ethernet – a frame grabber solution from Epiphan Systems. Using this device video capture and image capture can be done in high quality. VGA2Ethernet grabs either DVI or VGA signal from any device being used as a presentation source. It allows a user to broadcast over Ethernet achieving up to 1 Gigabit transfer rates and supports a maximum capture resolution of 1920x1200. As VGA2Ethernet can capture hardware video at rates of up to 120 frames per second and transfer it to the remote users through the Ethernet connection, Gate Elektronik Inc. has chosen this solution for organizing presentations.

This frame grabber can be broadly applied in different application areas. If you need to have a VGA to Firewire frame grabber model, the answer is the same - VGA2Ethernet. It supports Gigabit Ethernet featuring much faster transfer rate than FireWire is able to provide.

More Information on VGA2Ethernet

VGA2Ethernet is a compact external network frame grabber that is capable of capturing single link DVI, HDMI and VGA signals at rates of up to 60 frames per second. VGA2Ethernet also supports a stereo 3.5mm audio input.

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Презентация через сеть с помощью VGA2Ethernet
VGA2Ethernet - Presentación sobre Ethernet

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