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VGA Grid Provides Live Broadcasting from Multiple Cameras in Traffic Monitoring Systems

In road traffic management, the provision of accurate, up-to-date, and detailed quantitative information on traffic movement is essential. Road Traffic Monitoring systems process information captured by cameras located along highways and commuting routes. It allows the operators to view highways surface, traffic volumes and weather conditions. Epiphan’s VGA Grid is capable of broadcasting and recording video signals from multiple VGA sources (VGA/DVI/HDMI). Through an easy-to-use web interface an operator may select required sources and set up a layout of multi image screen display.

live broadcasting


Possibility to View Multiple Video Streams at Once

VGA Grid is used as a part of Road Traffic Monitoring system. Streaming video from cameras is captured using the VGA2 Ethernet frame grabbers from Epiphan and sent over the Ethernet. The operator in the control room should be able to view simultaneously live video streams from all cameras. Besides, once in a while it is necessary to select some of the sources and have them displayed on a screen, zooming in on video. All video streams need to be continuously recorded. VGA Grid successfully performs these functions.

live broadcasting


Live Video is Broadcasted and Recorded

VGA Grid has an Ethernet input for acquiring live video stream from remote cameras. No matter where the operator is physically located – he browses to the IP address of VGA Grid and logs in. Using a simple-to-use application the operator configures a channel in order to display a number of live video streams from cameras on one screen. This device features a capacious HDD that accurately saves video streams from the selected sources. They can be played back anytime. VGA Grid allows users to monitor up to 256 VGA/DVI sources in real time over the Internet.

VGA dvi recording and streaming using VGA Grid


Powerful Tool for Traffic Monitoring

Road traffic monitoring systems need a reliable and seamless solution, accurate enough for road management. VGA Grid allows you to perform a study and analysis of traffic behavior. Possibility to capture, broadcast and record multiple VGA signals makes it a powerful tool in applications that require considering different traffic parameters and detecting accidents. Combination of traffic monitoring systems and multi source broadcasting/recording contributes to accurate compiling and displaying of high-resolution video information.

More Information on VGA Grid

VGA Grid is a highly scalable video recording and streaming system which can either be deployed as a standalone system per­for­ming capture of directly connected video sources or as a networked solution supporting capture of remote sources using encoders con­nec­ted over an Ethernet/IP network.

multi video sources capture
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VGA Grid proporciona transmisión en vivo desde varias cámaras en sistemas de monitoreo de tráfico

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