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University Lecture Recording System Uses Epiphan VGA2USB Pro

lecture recording systemFor decades, the University of Geneva has used an automatic lecture recording system to distribute lectures to students. Benoît Burdet of the university notes that,"The faculty of arts has recorded most of its lectures on audiotapes since the 1970s, well before the World Wide Web existed." However, the university wished to modernize its system to accommodate online courses and efficiently share lectures with off-campus students.

The University uses Epiphan's VGA2USB Pro product for its new lecture recording system. "We use Epiphan product to capture the data produced by professors on their computers or whiteboards, and these recordings are then distributed to students, over the web" Burdet explains.

He notes that, in addition to the benefit that recorded lectures provide to students, the university's IT department is also thankful for the solution because of its ease of use and affordability: "VGA2USB series has proven to be the only quality USB frame grabber series on the market. Using it, we can make a relatively low-cost lecture capture system." The university also chose the Epiphan VGA grabber because it is compatible with Linux and MacOS X.

More Information on VGA2USB Pro

VGA2USB Pro is the most advanced external USB 2.0 frame grabber and is designed for power users that require extremely high precision industrial VGA capture. The VGA2USB Pro can capture VGA streams at resolutions of up to 2048 x 2048 in a 24-bit palette, and is able to achieve a maximum capture rate of 60 frames per second.

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大学课程录制系统使用Epiphan VGA2USB
大學課程錄制系統使用Epiphan VGA2USB
Opnamesysteem voor universiteitcolleges met behulp van de VGA2USB van Epiphan
Système d'enregistrement des conférences de l'université, grâce au système VGA2USB d'Epiphan
Aufnahmesystem für Universitätsvorlesungen mit Epiphan VGA2USB
מערכת הקלטת הרצאות אוניברסיטאיות באמצעות Epiphan VGA2USB
Sistema di Registrazione di Lezioni Universitarie per Mezzo dell'Uso di VGA2USB di Epiphan
Epiphan VGA2USBを使った大学の講義の記録システム
Epiphan VGA2USB 을 이용한 대학강의 기록 시스템
Sistema de arquivamento de aulas universitárias com o VGA2USB da Epiphan
Техническое решение для записи лекций с помощью Epiphan VGA2USB
Sistema de grabación de conferencias universitarias con VGA2USB de Epiphan

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