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Treating Medical Ailments in Real Time Using Epiphan DVI2USB

DVI2USB has been superseded by DVI2USB 3.0. We recommend customers to consider DVI2USB 3.0 instead of DVI2USB. Advantages of DVI2USB 3.0 compared to DVI2USB include:
  • Support for USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections.
  • Support for VGA & DVI/HDMI sources
  • Support for HD resolutions (up to 1920×1200)
  • Lower price
  • Same performance using USB 2.0
  • 60 fps performance at HD resolution using USB 3.0, regardless of content

capture from ultrasoundAST GmbH develops medical products that use advanced shockwave technology to treat urinary stones. The company is using Epiphan's DVI2USB frame grabber to capture live video signals from ultrasound or x-ray devices in real time.

"We superimpose the video stream provided by Epiphan with information about our system to support the  therapy," explains Franz Coriand of AST GmbH. "We use DVI2USB to capture external images of ultrasound or x-ray devices and we then import these into our software."

AST GmbH has used a number of frame grabbers in the past, but has been impressed by the performance of DVI2USB. "We have been very happy with the image quality, the fast frame rates and the small case of the Epiphan product," says Coriand. "DVI2USB works well in our existing machines and we plan to introduce it into our future products."

capturing ultrasound

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This case study is also available in the following languages:

使用Epiphan DVI2USB实时诊疗病患
使用Epiphan DVI2USB實時診療病患
Real-time behandeling van medische kwalen met gebruik van de Epiphan DVI2USB
Traitement en direct des pathologies médicales, grâce au système DVI2USB d'Epiphan
Medizinische Behandlung von Beschwerden in Echtzeit mit Epiphan DV12USB
טיפול רפואי בזמן אמת באמצעות Epiphan DVI2USB
Trattamento di Problemi Medici in Tempo Reale per Mezzo dell'Uso di DVI2USB di Epiphan
Epiphan DVI2USBを使ってリアルタイムで病気を治療
Epiphan DVI2USB 을 이용한 질병의 실시간 치료
Uso de Epiphan DVI2USB em tratamentos médicos em tempo real
Медицинские процедуры с помощью DVI2USB
Tratar enfermedades en tiempo real mediante DVI2USB de Epiphan

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