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Testing Submarine Electronics with Epiphan VGA2USB

La Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina (SAES) SAES of Spain specializes in submarine electronics and acoustics. The company is using Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber to test the user interfaces of its acoustics processing electronics and mine hunting/sweeping devices.

Using VGA2USB, SAES is able to grab frames from its acoustics systems quickly and easily. “We can now capture a closed-source system for testing purposes without interfering with our equipment,” says Fernando Bermudez.

SAES chose VGA2USB because of its small size and USB interface. “VGA2USB is USB powered so it is small and easy to carry,” adds Bermudez.

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VGA2USB is a compact pocket sized, external, low cost VGA to USB frame grabber capture device capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source—such as a Windows PC, a Macintosh OSX, a Unix machine, an em­bedded system, a medical device, scientific or lab equipment, and more.

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This case study is also available in the following languages:

Onderzeeër elektronica testen met de VGA2USB van Epiphan
Test de l'électronique d'un sous-marin, grâce au système VGA2USB d'Epiphan
Testen von U-Boot-Elektronik mit Epiphan VGA2USB
בדיקת ציוד אלקטרוני תת ימי עם Epiphan VGA2USB
Controllo di Elettronica Sottomarina con VGA2USB di Epiphan
Epiphan VGA2USBで潜水艦の電子装置をテスト
Тестирование электроники для подводных лодок с помощью Epiphan VGA2USB
Pruebas de electrónica submarina con el VGA2USB de Epiphan

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