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Great Choice among Medical Image Capture Solutions Designed for Telemedicine and e-Health Researches

medical image captureA future is likely to be dominated by technological advances. What does this mean for medicine? Emerging information and communication technology (ICT) has made a massive impact on multiple medical fields due to a high penetration of computers in medicine. These are computer diagnostic machinery, teleradiology diagnostics, computer data analysis just to name a few. However the principal medical approaches brought to birth by ICT are telemedicine and e-health – the guarantee of equality in quality and acessibility of health care services. Global telemedicine and e-Health initiatives are yearly explored at Med-e-Tel – the annual networking event and meeting place for telemedicine and e-health stakeholders from 50 countries around Europe and the world. e-Health and telemedicine applications, as Med-e-Tel proves, open health to ICT mainstream and improve services in terms of rational accessibility and cost efficiency. Due to these approaches the availability problems are solved irrespective of the distance at any patient’s locality – be it home, office or clinic. Telemedicine, teleradiology and e-health ensure high quality services in all health care establishments including those lacking highly qualified modern technologies and specialists. Use of ICT prevents any costs arising from services of poor quality and services not provided in due time (e.g. direct and indirect costs associated with disability, treatment of complications of illness, etc.). Frame grabbers (especially directly connected to the web as, for example, Epiphan VGA2Ethernet) are an important element of ICT equipment used in multiple medicine areas, and play a significant role in medical digital imaging, teleradiology and e-health solutions integration.

Frame Grabbers in Teleradiology

medical image captureTeleradiology uses telecommunications technology to transmit patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another in order to organize consultations with other physicians. Applications can be real-time or store-and-forward. Teleradiology can have a significant impact on individual health and can therefore positively impact longevity. Access to state-of-the-art health care in underserved areas (e.g. rural communities), is one of the most important benefits of telemedicine. Teleradiology is an approach that allows rural residents to receive local quality health care. An obvious opportunity is the possibility for transportation cost savings such as emergency air evacuations, automobile travel expenses or other forms of transporting patients. Besides, community based and home care health services are expected to become an extremely important part of the healthcare service continuum. VGA2Ethernet can be broadly used as a key element of teleradiology digital imaging. It is capable of capturing video and audio signals from either DVI or VGA sources with a maximum resolution up to 1920x1200. The information is sent to the web and can be accessed at any location by an authorized user. Instant access to video data, whether it be about a certain patient or a certain topic, can be important or even life saving. Teleradiology enhances educational opportunities for health care providers and patients reducing hospitalizations and improving clinical outcomes.

Medical Digital Imaging Equipment in e-Health

medical digital imaginge-Health involves a whole range of purposes within the hospital, home and primary care settings. It is dedicated to an ICT application in the health sector. In particular it refers to remote vital signs monitoring systems used for asthma monitoring, diabetes medicine, and home dialysis systems, laboratory and teleradiology information systems. As for teleradiology system, it ensures a successive transition to filmless radiology saving more than a half of the resources for purchasing and developing X-ray films and storing of X-ray images. e-Health is reaching into multiple medical systems, services and processes. Closer convergence between ICT and neurosciences or between ICT bio- and nanotechnologies is a matter for the near future. Intensive communication and digital medical imaging data exchange are of great importance for the e-Health system participants. These possibilities are provided by VGA2Ethernet. It allows teleradiology specialists to save digital video from MRT, CT, X-Ray equipment, etc. performing data transfer at a rate of up to 1 Gigabit. When it comes to adding medical image capture data to the system of shared electronic health records for authorized consumers and practitioners, VGA2Ethernet helps out. Protecting teleradiology clinical information will not be an issue as this solution provides secure communication. e-Health is a broad diversified strategy enveloping information and teleradiology technologies. High-quality standalone frame grabbers facilitate access to many bandwidth intensive teleradiology applications and make telemedicine capability available for more applications and with lower equipment costs and operational expenses.

More Information on VGA2Ethernet

VGA2Ethernet is a compact external network frame grabber that is capable of capturing single link DVI, HDMI and VGA signals at rates of up to 60 frames per second. VGA2Ethernet also supports a stereo 3.5mm audio input.

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Un grand choix parmi les solutions de capture d'image médicale conçues pour la télémédecine et les recherches en cyber-santé
Muchas opciones de selección de soluciones de captura de imágenes médicas, ideadas para investigaciones de telemedicina y de servicios de salud en línea

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