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DVI2USB Duo Allows University Staff to Record Lectures for Later Reuse

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Lectures delivered in the universities should be recorded due to many reasons. Over time multiple professors deliver lectures and it is clear that one needs to capture and share best practices. After capturing lectures with the help of the appropriate equipment and recording them, any faculty member can select and reuse effective lectures. As some disciplines may lend themselves to video recording lectures more than the others, this technology is more often applied to these particular disciplines. One of the French universities embarked on a project which involves the recording and digital archiving of education materials (lectures, etc.). It enables faculties to have the flexibility to place recorded lectures links in the university local network where their students may view them on demand – in part or in whole. If necessary, lecture content can be reused. In order to record seminars, lectures and deliver presentations the university staff uses DVI2USB Duo by Epiphan Systems.

Ability to Have Learning On-demand

This frame grabber captures the signal from any external source featuring a dual-link DVI output and transfers it to the target computer via a USB port. The dual link DVI standard provides an increase of speed and signal quality and enhances the power of transmission. Captured video is recorded in an AVI file with resolution up to 2560x1600. DVI2USB Duo provides the ability to have learning on-demand as it reliably and affordably captures class lectures and converts them into video for anytime, anywhere playback. Important points of the lecture can be quickly recalled. The access rate of the recorded lectures in the university reveals that the video recordings are highly valued and used by the students to review their work.

More Information on DVI2USB Duo

DVI2USB Duo is the only compact, external frame grabber solution for the capture of dual link DVI video display signals. It is compatible with resolutions of up to 2048x2048 (2560x1600) and can capture computer generated images at a rate of up to 60 frames per second using an on board state-of-the-art lossless compression algorithm, making it ideal for precision applications such as air traffic control.

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DVI2USB Duo permet au personnel universitaire d'enregistrer des conférences pour une réutilisation ultérieure
DVI2USB Duo в помощь сотрудникам университета для записи лекций
DVI2USB Duo Allows University Staff to Record Lectures for Later Reuse

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