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DVI2USB 3.0 Performs Vital Signs Monitoring

Image capture technologies and ubiquitous network connectivity has enabled various advanced approaches for delivering cost-effective healthcare services. Remote guidance, diagnostics, teleoperations – these are just a few of buzz words and methods where remote medical equipment monitoring and Epiphan’s audio visual hardware can be successfully applied. These solutions enable medical specialists to view and analyze the information no matter where they are physically located. Remote image monitoring efficiently serves patients wherever they are.

When an Epiphan’s frame grabber DVI2USB 3.0 is connected to vital signs measuring equipment through the VGA, DVI, or HDMI output, the medical equipment is enabled to send images from the display to the network, or connect into an medical image capture workflow via video capture software interfaces. Lightweight and cost-effective DVI2USB 3.0 frame grabber breaks new ground ensuring fast broadcasting of the patient data from the video display – into the medical image workflow without any hardware or software modifications to the medical equipment.

remote image monitoring

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