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Document Engineering Procedures with Epiphan VGA2USB

L-3 CommunicationsL-3 Communications specializes in aircraft modernization and maintenance and provides a number homeland defence products and services for emerging markets. To document its electronic systems procedures, the company is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber.

Using VGA2USB, the company’s engineering and documentation group is able to document its computer systems in BIOS, during boot up, during CD and HDD boot processes, and while applications are running.

“VGA2USB lets us gather detailed documentation of our BIOS settings, boot-up and install processes,” explains Les Nedbalek. “We can now grab frames from the VGA output of a standard PC. This helps us to document all of our procedures quickly and easily.”

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VGA2USB is a compact pocket sized, external, low cost VGA to USB frame grabber capture device capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source—such as a Windows PC, a Macintosh OSX, a Unix machine, an em­bedded system, a medical device, scientific or lab equipment, and more.

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This case study is also available in the following languages:

Technische procedures documenteren met de VGA2USB van Epiphan
Procédures d'ingénierie de documents, grâce au système VGA2USB d'Epiphan
Technische Dokumentprozesse mit Epiphan VGA2USB
תהליכי תיעוד הנדסי עם Epiphan VGA2USB
Procedure di Trattamento di Documenti con VGA2USB di Epiphan
Epiphan VGA2USBで工学手法を文書化
Регистрация технологических процессов при помощи Epiphan VGA2USB
Documentar procedimientos de ingeniería con VGA2USB de Epiphan

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