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Create Ultrasound Training Videos with DVI2USB 3.0

capture ultrasound

Ultrasound training courses are intended for medical students and professionals who are planning to use ultrasound. Although this training provides detailed theory, it is largely requires many hours of hands-on training with clinical rotations. During the training students must collect a series of ultra sound images with various medical conditions and diagnosis. They may be given a task to scan anything - from the digestive system to the nervous system, tumors, blood vessels, and more. Students are taught on how to cope with every situation in a competent manner. Use of Epiphan's  DVI, HDMI , VGA frame grabber capture devices (More) during ultrasound examination training is a new step in quickly evolving medical technology.

DVI2USB 3.0 Recording Ultrasound Images and Video on Laptop

There are many uses for diagnostic medical sonography training videos. As the technology and knowledge continues to develop, the range of equipment used together with ultra sound machine techniques will also evolve. Traditionally results of ultrasound examination images were printed or saved on a USB flash drive. The healthcare professional would need to remember each ultrasound vendor's user interface to extract these images.

Record Ultrasound images and Video with Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0

However, with Epiphan Frame grabbers, they record directly from multiple vendors ultrasound machine displays, much like a PVR. This allows technicians, researchers and students to capture ultrasound images and record them on a laptop.

For example, using  Epiphan's DVI2USB 3.0 frame grabber it is possible to capture high resolution images or video from either VGA or DVI or HDMI source output from an ultrasound machine.

The diagram above illustrates the use of a DVI2USB 3.0 frame grabber to capture high resolution images or video from either VGA or DVI or HDMI source output from an ultrasound machine. The DVI2USB 3.0 captures ultrasound images and video and then transmits them to the laptop to be recorded and stored as part of an ultrasound image and video training portfolio or library.

In this application, the student or teacher can create different videos during sessions where they direct patients into positions that obtain the best results, find initial indications of unhealthy areas, and record the images for further diagnosis by the physician. They can then repeat the same procedure with a different ultrasound machine from a different vendor and compare the video images.

DVI2PCIe Recording Ultrasound Images and Video on a Computer

The diagram below illustrates a similar application using DVI2PCIe . This setup would be used for recording sessions where the frame rate requirements were too high for a USB based solution, or where the clinic would like the capture function to be embedded inside the computer and not be easily removable.

Record Ultrasound images and Video with Epiphan DVI2PCIe

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L'application de DVI2USB pour la formation en imagerie ultra-sons
Обучение ультразвуковой диагностике с применением DVI2USB
La aplicación de DVI2USB como marco hipotético adicional para cursos de ecografía

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