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Create a Podcast using VGA2USB as a Video Source

There’s a lot of material that you are interested in and it is not available on TV. You are going to shoot some footage with a camera and edit it with one of the popular tools which are familiar to you. It can be a documentary, a reality show, an interview, or maybe a short film. Hosting of your TV programs is so easy when you have on-hand all necessary equipment – hardware, software and a computer – even on a shoe-string budget. You have the freedom to be creative and make stunning videos getting your message out. If you podcast on a regular basis, your voice and your opinion will be heard by a global audience.

In case you are planning to run a popular video podcasting keep in mind that plenty of high-quality content should be created swiftly and efficiently. Advanced video editing software ensures that you spend less time editing and more time shooting new footage and you are open to multiple perspectives. This article describes an example of home TV studio that records and broadcasts live events. It is inspired by a story provided by our customer and demonstrates how Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber is integrated into the studio equipment. This studio enables live-to-streaming production as well as creation of video and multimedia programs and materials. There are three main video feeds at customer’s disposal. The primary and the secondary feeds are camcorders capturing high-performance video.

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The VGA to USB frame grabber is the third video source in the studio. How is it applied? In our example it captures any material from the computer’s screen be it web pages, some embedded short videos, attractive graphics or slides from Power Point presentations. These materials help you to create a good program for broadcasting. It takes almost no time to add them to your video stream and get a whole picture. With a frame grabber there's no need to import any slides or graphics into video editing software. VGA2USB is synchronized with the source laptop and transfers the VGA output as a USB signal to a laptop with video software installed. It is recommended to use different laptops for capturing materials and streaming video – mostly if you are capturing high-resolution content.

The laptop used is MacBook Pro featuring a single FireWire bus. So you will need a FireWire/USB ExpressCard to add another FireWire connection. Besides to have more freedom of camera freedom it is reasonable to have FireWire to Cat5e converter boxes. Compare 15 feet allowed by FireWire connection with maximum 60 meters which are available now. In this example the primary camera is stationary when capturing the event whereas the other one can be easily relocated to another place if required.

Finally, using streaming services (Lifestream, uStream, etc.) it is possible to distribute live video stream recorded from all three sources and properly edited by software tools. You are ready to reach out your audience outside your place and get in touch with thousands of viewers wherever they are. Whether your goal is preserving and broadcasting a special event, this TV studio will serves as a simple tool reducing your efforts in video creation.

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