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Capture VGA/DVI/HDMI Video in Real Time

When choosing a frame grabber to capture video from different types of video sources in real time, there exists many choices. Each of these choices comes with their own trade offs. One can choose a frame grabber capable of handling a single type of video source (e.g. VGA or DVI, or HDMI) , or choose a frame grabber that can capture multiple types of video sources (e.g. VGA and DVI and HDMI) .

Capture VGA DVI HDMI Video Sources over USB3 or USB 2

Price and performance will also need to be considered. Both of these will be influenced by the data uplink between the capture device and the host capture computer. The data capture uplink tradeoffs are also a function of portability, external USB or Ethernet connections, or internal PCIe installation, performance and video capture quality.

HDMI Video Capture at a High Resolution

capture high definition hdmi dvi

A HDMI connectivity is already standard on a wide range of products, from HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players to multimedia PCs, gaming systems, and more. The growth of HDMI adoption is basically being driven by portable media players, digital still cameras, televisions, computers, phones, tablets and digital video cameras.

As HDMI is now becoming the dominant interface for a great number of computers, cameras and mobile devices providing video and audio, users need to have a trustworthy solution that allows them to perform HDMI video capture from video sources on these devices.

Given the proliferation of this interface for consumer, pro sumer audio-visual and computing, this interface will also make its way into the design of new products being used in multiple fields of industrial computing, science, medicine, education, and engineering.

The video quality of HDMI devices is superior than that its analog counterparts of the past.

Image capture from all these HDMI audio video devices is possible using an Epiphan HDMI-DVI-VGA Frame Grabber and an HDMI to DVI adapter or cable. (HDCP-protected or encrypted copy protected intellectual property content cannot be captured with the Epiphan Frame Grabbers).

After connecting the HDMI video source to the Epiphan Frame Grabber, the frame grabber is identified to applications by the system as a high resolution camera. This approach enables the use of third-party video editing, streaming and recording software during capturing images and video.

Alternatively, with Epiphan's APIs and SDK you can also easily integrate the frame grabber capture into custom solutions to meet the needs of specific applications. HDMI is capable of carrying full 1080p video and multichannel audio.

Using Epiphan Frame Grabbers, DVI2USB3.0, DVI2PCIe and VGA2Ethernet you can then take advantage of their lossless capture capabilities and obtain high quality images.

hdmi to dvi cable

HDMI Compatibility, Interoperability and Adapters

HDMI ensures ideal interoperable connection between high-resolution components including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 game consoles, Blu-ray players, computers, tablets, mobile phones and HDMI-equipped high-definition TVs. The ability to send high definition video and multichannel audio over a single cable is unique to HDMI, but the advantage of the interface is not limited to this characteristic. In terms of image quality, HDMI signals are not compressed during transmission, so there is no degradation in signal quality.

Even when a device does not provide native HDMI output, vendors will often provide adapters to provide HDMI video out, this enable capturing by Epiphan Frame Grabbers. For example, the iPad, iPhone, MAC, Android phones, other mobile phones and eBook readers usually provide some sort of converter cable to HDMI.

VGA, DVI Frame Grabbers for Years to Come

Industry observers point out that in recent years the tendency is shifting to use of HDMI as an ubiquitous video standard and huge increase of the number of products supporting it.

capture HDMI with Epiphan frame frabbers

HDMI will continue its increased adoption among manufacturers in the most popular audio visual product categories. More and more devices will continue to produce high-definition content and will require HDMI capture. And you may fully rely upon your Epiphan capture device for these HDMI capture applications.

For VGA, DVI and other video source connectors, the Epiphan frame grabbers product portfolio has solutions for different price/performance and video interface options.

For VGA only applications, Epiphan has frame grabbers with a VGA connector. However, for multiple types of video source capture, Epiphan uses the DVI connector which supports capture VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and other sources, all from the same capture device.

Whatever equipment you are going to use, either DVI, VGA or HDMI-based, Epiphan’s DVI-HDMI-VGA Frame Grabbers will help you to perform artifact-free image and video capture – at high resolution and high frame rates.

Click on the sample application images below to find the product most suitable for your application

DVI2USB3.0 Capturing DVI, VGA, or HDMI over USB 3.0 or USB 2.0

Capture VGA DVI HDMI Video Sources over USB3

DVI2PCIe Capturing VGA, DVI, or HDMI over PCIe

DVI2PCIe VGA DVI HDMI video capture

VGA2Ethernet Capturing VGA, DVI or HDMI over Ethernet/IP

capture vga dvi hdmi over ethernet

VGA2USB Capturing VGA (Interlaced) over USB 2.0

vga2usb capturing vga display

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Capturer des images VGA/DVI/HDMI en temps réel avec une résolution de 1920x1200
Захват VGA/DVI/HDMI в реальном времени с разрешением до 1920х1200
Capturar VGA/DVI/HDMI en tiempo real, hasta 1920 x 1200

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