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Capture Radar & ECDIS Images for Sea Surveillance Using Epiphan VGA2USB

VGA2USB LR has been superseded by DVI2USB 3.0. We recommend customers to consider DVI2USB 3.0 instead of VGA2USB LR. Advantages of DVI2USB 3.0 compared to VGA2USB LR include:
  • Support for USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections.
  • Support for VGA & DVI/HDMI sources
  • Support for HD resolutions (up to 1920×1200)
  • Same form factor
  • Lower price
  • Same performance using USB 2.0
  • 60 fps performance at HD resolution using USB 3.0, regardless of content

Radar capture

Sea surveillance demands advanced performance from for marine radar equipment. These systems should be able to detect a broad range of targets such as supertankers, submarines, and inflatable boats. To perform this task and detect targets of multiple sizes in various weather conditions (including all possible sea states), sea surveillance radar systems use frequency agility, pulse compression for reducing signal clutter.

Due to digital processing, radar systems can classify the targets, track several targets automatically and perform image plotting. The obtained data is compared with a databank to identify the type of a target. The low resolution radar images are used for marine surveillance applications. Surveillance systems classify types of vessels from their radar image and other data automatically.

The Seabrokers Group provides a varied range of services to clients in the marine industry.  Its specialists access information and develop solutions for customers’ global requirements. As part of its services, the Sea Surveillance division of Seabrokers Group records the displays from radar and ECDIS (electronic chart display and information system) on board coast guard vessels.

As an expert system ECDIS features sophisticated navigational functionalities and automatically initiates emergency procedures. It offers full integration of data for a situational awareness and provides solutions to safety and navigational problems. ECDIS integrates dynamic data from outside systems and takes into consideration such characteristics as environmental conditions, vessel’s handling, and bathymetry to present an escape route or an appropriate safe avoidance manoeuvre. Possibility to capture radar and ECDIS data helps to save all visual information that is use for later analysis or investigation.

The company uses  the full line of Epiphan VGA2USB devices in concert with a DRS (Data Recording System) to capture radar images. Roman Efanov, Technical Manager at Sea Surveillance, notes that he chose the Epiphan VGA grabbers for a number of reasons. "Epiphan frame grabbers are small and reliable USB devices, they support a wide range of resolutions, and they are easy to work with."

Other options Efanov considered were problematic because "everything else we found was a PCI-based grabber. We can't use those because we don't have enough free PCI slots." The Epiphan frame grabbers are convenient, easy-to-use external devices that do not need to be installed inside a system, and do not require any software to be downloaded to a computer.

Efanov adds that one of the many advantages of the Epiphan devices is that more than one device can be used at the same time. Since frame grabbers accurately capture radar data with high resolution, the company is satisfied with its choice.

More Information on VGA2USB LR

VGA2USB LR is a frame grabber capture device that acquires frames with up to 1280×1024 pixel resolution in a 24-bit palette. VGA2USB LR can achieve 1280×1024 lossless compression with up to 51 fps, depending on the content being captured.

capture and record ECDIS images
Click here for more information on VGA2USB LR

More Information on VGA2USB

VGA2USB is a compact pocket sized, external, low cost VGA to USB frame grabber capture device capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source—such as a Windows PC, a Macintosh OSX, a Unix machine, an em­bedded system, a medical device, scientific or lab equipment, and more.

record VGA
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This case study is also available in the following languages:

使用Epiphan VGA2USB采集雷达信号与电子海图
使用Epiphan VGA2USB采集雷達信号與電子海圖
Radar- & ECDIS-afbeeldingen opvangen voor de kustwacht met de Epiphan VGA2USB
Capture d'images radar et ECDIS pour la surveillance maritime, grâce au système VGA2USB d'Epiphan
Einfangen von Radar & ECDIS Abbilder für die Meeresüberwachung unter Verwendung von Epiphan VGA2USB
לכידת תמונות מכ"ם ו-ECDIS למעקב ימי באמצעות Epiphan VGA2USB
Cattura di Immagini Radar & ECDIS per la Sorveglianza Marittima per Mezzo dell'Uso di VGA2USB di Epiphan
Epiphan VGA2USB を使って海洋監視のためのレーダーとECDIS 画像をキャプチャー
Epiphan VGA2USB 를 사용한 해상감시를 위한 레이더 및 전자해도 시스템 (ECDIS) 이미지 캡쳐
Captura de imagens de radar e de ECDIS para vigilância marítima usando Epiphan VGA2USB
Мониторинг морского пространства. Захват сигнала с радара и системы ECDIS с помощью Epiphan VGA2USB
Capturar imágenes de radar y de sistemas de información y visualización de cartas electrónicas (ECDIS) para vigilancia marítima mediante VGA2USB de Epiphan

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