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Record and Review Air Traffic Control Data Using Epiphan frame grabbers


Air traffic control is a highly specialized field of expertise with no room for error. Air traffic controllers therefore require reliable, up-to-date technology to perform their work. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical solutions. Staff training on ATC simulations that are capable of reproducing the live situations is more and more essential.

Modern air traffic management (ATM) systems are expected to offer a complete solution that incorporates latest ATM technologies in communications, surveillance, and ATC automation. They should incorporate all available surveillance sources and provide a perfect ATC environment for complex airspaces.ATM systems process the route information from flight plans, support manual and automatic exchange of flight data with external ATC units and automate the majority of controllers’ actions.

SkySoft-ATM produces customized ATM systems for Air Navigation Service providers (ANSP) around the world.  “One of our most innovative products is our SkyRec video recording solution,” says Claude Levacher of SkySoft-ATM. “It’s a hardware based video recording tool that records and replays all information captured on ATC radar screen. Sky Rec provides a full set of management functionalities for radar and video data recording applications. Its radar recording functionalities make possible recording of multiple data flows (radar data, flight plans data, weather, etc.).  Besides, it has no impact on system performances. ANSP use this tool for legal recording (coupled with voice recording), training and post event analysis.”

Because space is limited in air traffic control consoles, SkyRec solutions need to be small and non-intrusive. “When we were developing SkyRec, we needed it to implement easily into existing environments and record the very specific 2k by 2k air traffic controller (ATCO) displays,” explains Levacher. “We also needed it to make high quality recordings and use our own compression CODEC to produce archive of minimal size.”

In searching out recording tools to integrate into its solution, SkySoft-ATM specialists discovered Epiphan frame grabbers online. “We knew that they would be the right fit from the beginning,” Levacher recalls. “We use Epiphan’s VGA2USB Pro and DVI2USB Duo frame grabbers to record high quality images from ATCO displays in formats which make them accessible on every PC. Easy-to-integrate, compact and high-performance solutions that can record ATC data, this is exactly what we need to have as a part of our system.”

Levacher has been impressed by the performance, modularity and availability of Epiphan frame grabbers and plans to continue incorporating Epiphan solutions in its products going forward. For more information on SkyRec Video, visit SkySoft-ATM.


More Information on VGA2USB Pro

VGA2USB Pro is the most advanced external USB 2.0 frame grabber and is designed for power users that require extremely high precision industrial VGA capture. The VGA2USB Pro can capture VGA streams at resolutions of up to 2048 x 2048 in a 24-bit palette, and is able to achieve a maximum capture rate of 60 frames per second.

capture VGA stream in high quality
Click here for more information on VGA2USB Pro

More Information on DVI2USB Duo

DVI2USB Duo is the only compact, external frame grabber solution for the capture of dual link DVI video display signals. It is compatible with resolutions of up to 2048x2048 (2560x1600) and can capture computer generated images at a rate of up to 60 frames per second using an on board state-of-the-art lossless compression algorithm, making it ideal for precision applications such as air traffic control.

capture and record DVI video
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Luchtverkeercontrolegegevens registreren en beoordelen met gebruik van framegrabbers van Epiphan
Enregistrement et examen des données de contrôle du trafic aérien, grâce aux dispositifs d'acquisition d'images d'Epiphan
Luftsicherungskontrolldaten mit Epiphan Bilddigitalisierer aufnehmen und einsehen
הקלטה וצפייה בנתוני בקרת תנועה אווירית באמצעות לוכדי התמונות של Epiphan
Registrazione e Revisione di Dati di Controllo del Traffico Aereo per Mezzo dell'Uso dei Frame Grabber di Epiphan
Epiphanフレーム取り込み装置を使って 航空交通管制データを記録、再調査する
Epiphan 프레임그래버를 이용한 항공교통 관제 데이터의 기록과 점검
Registro e revisão de dados de controle de tráfego aéreo usando frame-grabbers da Epiphan
Запиcь и просмотр данных мониторинга воздушного движения с помощью устройств видеозахвата Epiphan
Grabar y examinar datos de control de tráfico aéreo mediante capturadores de fotogramas de Epiphan

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