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  Automated Electronics Test Solution Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloLinkGenesis provides test automation solutions for electronic devices. Its products are used to ensure that digital televisions, mobile phones and other devices meet their defined specifications. Youngho Lee of LinkGenesis turned to Epiphan’s DVI2USB Solo to capture DVI screen images from the digital televisions it needed to test. After...  Read more »»
  Capture and Store Gynecological Ultrasounds Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloAs a gynecologist, Radovan Marek often examines images of fetuses in detail. "I needed to transfer fetal explorations from an ultrasound machine of the highest quality to a computer to examine them," he explains. Marek chose Epiphan DVI2USB Solo to provide him with high-resolution video image capture - but only after trying less...  Read more »»
  DHI Uses DVI2USB Solo for Short-Range Weather RadarInternational consulting and research organization, DHI, has developed a short-range weather radar (LAWR) to detect the spatial variation of local rainfalls. It is useful for providing rainfall forecasts with a few hours' warning and high resolution rainfall data. The LAWR solution uses Epiphan's DVI2USB Solo and  Read more »»
  DVI2USB Solo is Integrated in the System that Enables Better School Security Schools and universities are finding ways to use the latest technology to support their security plans. Some time ago one of the French universities that accommodate more than one thousand students has implemented a new security system. The university includes classrooms, training labs, offices and is configured to support multiple learning communities.  Without doubt security is important to daily operations and finally a new system design providing real integration has been...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB Solo is used in Testing Aircraft Equipment More sophisticated electronic hardware is now used for safety critical aircraft functions thus generating new certification and safety challenges.  As airborne electronic hardware becomes more complex, new emerging technologies evolve in its development and certification. One of the companies that designs and manufactures electronic products for airborne applications uses frame grabbers for better testing the equipment. The company’s IT manager explains their choice:...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB Solo Performs Multi-purpose Video Capture and Recording from iPad 2 through its HDMI CableThe iPad 2 is one of the latest technological developments. It is widely considered as a very intelligent creation of this generation. This solution has lots of different uses saving its owners a lot of money. There is the huge selection of apps available in multiple categories – if you need something to help with your business, work with utilities, play most advanced games, etc. The iPad 2 without apps can be compared to a book without verbs.  Before starting loading up apps...  Read more »»
  Edward Crawley, President of the Skolkovo Institute, Gives a Teleconference Lecture (Moscow – Boston)The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) announced that Edward Crawley, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had been appointed its first president. Crawley’s scholarly work is well known in the field and his research has been repeatedly referenced. During his visit to Moscow Edward Crawley delivered a lecture to students in Boston using the DVI2USB...  Read more »»
  Ensuring Broadcast Quality Television SignalsMiranda Technologies develops, manufactures and markets high-performance television equipment and software. Miranda is using Epiphan's DVI2USB Solo frame grabber to capture DVI output from systems broadcast on its "monitor wall". "To verify the stability of a fixed image (using test patterns), we need to capture TV frames at...  Read more »»
  Evaluate and Compare Medical Equipment Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloA medical research organization is using the Epiphan DVI2USB Solo video grabber to assist in its evaluation of high-definition endocsopic camera systems. The Epiphan frame grabber enables the organization's researchers to capture and store images from various machines in order to perform side-by-side comparisons. "Our engineers use DVI2USB Solo to store DVI images,...  Read more »»
  Medical Teleconsultation using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloHenry Ford Health System is pioneering the use of advanced technologies to enhance and improve medical services delivery. One of its projects is the development of a visual teleconsultation application for use during laparoscopic surgeries. Medical Teleconsultation Neil S. Shah explains, "In most laparoscopic surgeries there is a critical...  Read more »»
  Outsourced Video Surveillance is Easier with DVI2USB Solo Video frame grabbers from Epiphan can be used in a wide range of applications either as stand-alone device or as a part of complex systems. An American company developing remote surveillance systems has chosen the DVI2USB Solo frame grabber for capturing video from DVI cameras.  “Our strategy is to develop a customizable platform that allows a customer to select a security...  Read more »»
  Streaming Video from Operating Room to Remote AudienceHenry Ford Health System is pioneering the use of streaming video in the operating room. To stream video from a surgical operating room to a remotely located individual's laptop or handheld device, Henry Ford Health System has deployed Epiphan's DVI2USB Solo frame...  Read more »»