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  Capture and Broadcast High-quality Images from Traffic Cameras Using DVI2USB Duo Authorities are expanding their efforts to use more efficient devices to better manage and monitor traffic as well as get real-time information. Various intelligent transportation systems are common along major arteries in urban areas. There is no wonder that their number has skyrocketed in recent years. Thousands of overhead traffic cameras and in-road traffic sensors are constantly capturing photographs, video and traffic data on major roads all over the world. This information...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB Duo Allows University Staff to Record Lectures for Later Reuse Lectures delivered in the universities should be recorded due to many reasons. Over time multiple professors deliver lectures and it is clear that one needs to capture and share best practices. After capturing lectures with the help of the appropriate equipment and recording them, any faculty member can select and reuse effective lectures. As some disciplines may lend themselves to video recording lectures more than the others, this technology is more often applied to these...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB Duo is a Powerful Tool for ATC Radars Data Recording Modern ATC equipment meets strong requirements that concern its high reliability and air traffic safety by the innovative use of the state-of-the-art technology. ATC facilities enhance the safety of the flights by providing the controllers with information of flight plans, air movements from radars, direction finders and air-ground data-link messages. The radar data from various primary and secondary radars is processed to present the aircraft position and its related information,...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2USB Duo to Capture and Transmit Images from DVI Surveillance Cameras Nowadays video surveillance equipment is getting more and more sophisticated and replacing traditional complicated systems. It allows you to save time and money by eliminating the need to hire security guards and brings users peace of mind, when it concerns their home, or business. By installing remote video surveillance equipment, it is possible to view what’s going on there from any location. DVI2USB...  Read more »»