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  Capture Medical Images from Remote LocationsThe Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan offers breakthrough medical treatments that include robotic prostatectomy, bariatric surgery, advanced cancer treatment, brain tumor treatment and heart care. The hospital used Epiphan's VGA2USB Pro frame grabber to capture medical images from the Canadian Mount Everest Medical Operations Expedition in April/May...  Read more »»
  Organize Podcasting with VGA2USB Pro and Adobe Flash Media EncoderPodcasting is an advanced technology that is receiving currently a great deal of attention. It empowers users to distribute on the Internet video and/or audio content. Your subscribers can download and view your podcast on computers or mobile phones. Besides when someone is subscribed to a podcast, it is delivered to their devices automatically and there’s no need to do anything to get it. Let’s assume you have already concerned yourself with your goal, your key messages and...  Read more »»
  Prepare Video for University Courses with VGA2USB ProMaryville University of St. Louis is a private, coeducational university in Town and Country, Missouri. Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's best colleges in the Masters-Midwest category, Maryville University students may choose from 50 academic programs, including degrees at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. In traditional lecture method of teaching the teacher controls everything...  Read more »»
  Record and Review Air Traffic Control Data Using Epiphan frame grabbers Air traffic control is a highly specialized field of expertise with no room for error. Air traffic controllers therefore require reliable, up-to-date technology to perform their work. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical solutions. Staff training on ATC simulations that are capable of reproducing the live situations is more and more essential.Modern air traffic management (ATM) systems are expected to offer a complete solution that incorporates latest...  Read more »»
  Share Videos During Your WebEx Sessions Using VGA2USB ProOnline meeting are more cost-effective than paying for travel to meet in person. They provide a forum for people to share information and ideas via remote locations. People are able to work faster and smarter. WebEx is a handy conference call application for your computer developed and provided by Cisco. Sharing your video image as well as documents are a few of the advantages of using the WebEx service to facilitate your conference calls. This program fully integrates traditional...  Read more »»
  University Lecture Recording System Uses Epiphan VGA2USB ProFor decades, the University of Geneva has used an automatic lecture recording system to distribute lectures to students. Benoît Burdet of the university notes that,"The faculty of arts has recorded most of its lectures on audiotapes since the 1970s, well before the World Wide Web existed." However, the university wished to modernize its system to accommodate online courses and efficiently...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Pro as Remote Security Monitoring Solution Today’s security requirements are becoming more and more stringent for everyone. As threats become more sophisticated, users need advanced security solutions. New generation of security technologies is designed to provide businesses with a flexible secure monitoring system. Epiphan’s VGA2USB Pro is a frame grabber that helps you to check in what is going on in any place where...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Pro is an Effective Radar Recording ToolATC radars developed by manufacturers today gather and format necessary information transmitting high resolution images. They deliver all weather surveillance and reconnaissance imagery in a wide area. Radars greatly improve performance and drive down cost as they reduce the systems’ footprint together with the operations and maintenance requirements. To ensure safe and successful operations of an ATC centre different radar recording tools are applied. They transfer data...  Read more »»